Ben Bishop

Have you ever wondered who the biggest goalies in the NHL are? We are going to take a look at some of the biggest in recent years.

Let’s get started with the biggest…

  1. Ben Bishop - Bishop isn’t just a monster in the crease, but standing at six feet, seven inches tall and 215 pounds, it’s no wonder he fills the net so well. Bishop has used his size well in becoming one of the most dominant goalies in the NHL over the last 8 years. He is a two-time runner up for the Vezina trophy and a four-time all-star. When Bishop returns from injury look for him to have another great year this year.
  2. Jacob Markstrom - Markstrom is a big Viking of a man, standing at six feet, six inches tall and weighing 205 pounds. Last year Markstrom was once of the best goalies in the league posting a whopping goals saved above average of 11.4 and a 0.918 save percentage for the Canucks. Now in Calgary, he will be looked upon to lead the Flames to a title. You won’t miss Markstrom on the ice, not just because of his play, but because of his size.
  3. Pekka Rinne - Another big Nordic goalie, Rinne comes in at six foot big and 215 pounds. While his best days are likely behind him, Rinne was able to use his size to win a Vezina trophy in 2018 and has been one of the best goalies of his generation. In Rinne’s 14 year career he has posted a 0.918 save percentage, 2.42 goals-against average, and 359 wins and counting. There is no doubt in my mind that Rinne will be in the Hockey Hall of Fame someday.

    Pekka Rinne

  4. Robin Lehner - Known as the “Panda”, Robin Lehner stands at six feet, four inches tall, and weighs 240 lbs. The former second-round pick of the Ottawa Senators took three franchises to finally make his mark but now that he has, Lehner is one of the best goalies in the NHL. He won the Jennings and Masterson trophy in 2018-19 with the Islanders, and lead the Golden Knights all the way to the Western Conference finals last season. Don’t be surprised to see Lehner get his first Vezina trophy this year, and maybe even lead the Golden Knights to their first Stanley Cup.
  5. Connor Hellebuyck - Weighing in at six foot four inches tall, Hellebuyck is the reigning Vezina Trophy winner. He is the biggest of the current stock of American goalies. The Winnipeg goalie has faced a lot of shots in his young career, facing 29 shots per game, but he has thrived under the heavy load stopping 0.917 percent of those shots. With the Jets making very few changes in the offseason, Hellebuyck should see a heavy load again this season, and there is no reason to expect he won’t have another great season.

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